10 Last Minute Ways to Save for a Summer Vacation

Summer is a great time to go on a vacation. If you haven’t started planning your summer vacation, here are some quick ways to save for a summer trip and tips for booking summer travel.

1. Start saving now – cut out some nonessentials.

Go through your current household expenses and cut out some non-essentials or superfluous expenses. Winnie Sun, a Financial Advisor and Forbes contributor, suggested “Make your vacation fund separate from other savings and checking accounts. This way, you’re less likely to dip into it when you need some extra cash. Plus, that’s what your emergency fund is for.”

2. Determine Your Vacation Costs Now.

Take a budget and stick to it even if you haven’t decided exactly where to go. You can get a rough
idea of where you can go. Make this a family project if you get everyone involved it will make it fun and something to look forward to. It is easier to cut down on eating out, lattes, and mindless swiping if everyone is involved.

3. Travel during the week instead of weekends.

According to ARC data, the lowest ticket prices on most domestic tickets have been seen between 50 and 100 days before departure. Briana Trulear from Gabriel Marketing Group suggested, “If costs are an important factor, flying in the middle of the week can help save hundreds of dollars. Many airlines will offer lower fares to fill empty seats during the middle of the week, so being on the lookout during this time can be a huge advantage.”

4. Always check for deals and discounts online.

Always check for deals and discounts online. A study by MyVactionPages.com found that it was the cheapest to book direct with the accommodation itself and the average difference in price between the highest and lowest was actually 49.95%. Elizabeth Avery, Founder of Solo Trekker
4 U, said “last minute deals can be attractive. However, flights usually increase at the last minute.” There are also some apps that are available that will save you time and money on your summer vacation travels.

5. Use rewards.

Redeem airline miles or hotel points. Now is the time to put your credit card reward to good use. Often times, you can turn your rewards into cash, gift cards and miles. Some credit card companies partner up with travel brands so you can use your reward towards car rental and activities.

6. Purchase indirect flights.

Briana also suggested that many indirect flights tend to be an inexpensive option for travelers looking for an affordable alternative even though there might be a layover. You can also compare the price of round-trip and one-way tickets. Round trip ticket is not always cheaper than booking two one-way tickets.

7. Consider alternative locations.


If budget is limited, plan a weekend getaway instead of a longer vacation. Two-thirds of Americans (64%) plans an average of three weekend trips according to American Express Travel.  Danielle Sorresso from MSC Cruise suggested, “If you can’t afford to go anywhere far, try something local.” “Staycation” can be a great alternative to get out and relax. You can plan a week of day trips to museums, zoos, national or theme parks. Simply taking time off to explore and nurture yourself, this can help increase your health, improve sleep, and improve your work and life satisfaction.

8. Take on extra work if possible.

“It’s spring, so get your family started on your spring cleaning and sell your unwanted stuff in a yard sale or online,” Winnie added. A garage sale is a great way to earn some vacation cash quickly. Everything you make can go right into the travel fund.

9. Explore lodging options.

Make hotel reservations at hotels that offer breakfast, free shuttle to the airport, some even offer evening snacks, and this will save on food. Hotels get filled up really fast, especially during summer and holiday. David Bakke from Money Crashers said, “Another way to save on
accommodation is to try non-traditional outlets for your lodging needs, such as the website Airbnb or rent a condo or home from a website like VRBO.” This is a great way to save money on meals while traveling. Some homeowners will even provide complimentary breakfast and snacks.

10. Consider an all-inclusive.

The right all-inclusive can be a budget-friendly vacation solution. Winnie said, “with an all-inclusive resort, you know what you are paying for. You can easily pick a trip that fits within your budget. If you love to eat and drink, you’ll get your money’s worth.”

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