Top Tips for Frugal Living

Everyone I know wants to save money. Whether it is due to looking forward to retirement, saving for college, saving for vacations, or needing to do some repairs to the home, having an extra cushion on the bank account never hurt anyone. One of the easiest ways live frugally and save money is to reduce your living expenses.
For many people I know that have made a commitment to frugal living, they say that the peace of mind that comes from making frugal choice is worth any sacrifice they may have made. If you are looking for some tips to get started on making frugal choices, we have some suggestions to get you rolling into the savings club.
Top Tips for Frugal Living
  •  Save Water by taking short showers not taking baths. The difference in water usage is substantial.
  • Buy clothing that can mix and match with each other. Stick to basics in a similar color and add accessories to enhance the look
  • Reduce your electric usage by using fans and adjusting the thermostat
  • Do laundry in cold water
  • Make your own household cleaners
  • Ditch the paper products in your home like paper towels, paper plates, napkins and use rags, hand towels and cloth napkins
  • Change your own oil
  • Maintain your car for better gas mileage
  • Use the library
  • Get free books online through Indie sites, Barnes & Noble and Amazon
  • Look for coupons before making any purchase
  • Pay bills online to save postage
  • Bundle your errands to one trip
  • Cook at home more often
These top tips will help you on the road to frugal living and lower your expenses so you can start
to increase your savings amount.