Using Loyalty Cards to Save Money

There is a growing area of savings that has been hiding in plain view for many years…. well, unless you are the main shopper in your home. I am going to make a big assumption here for a second and say that most people that are in charge of grocery shopping have been comparing prices, clipping coupons, and using discount cards for years. That is no secret. I remember my mom clipping coupons when I was growing up, oh, so many years ago.

Today more and more major retailers are starting to use Loyalty Discount Cards as a means of providing a savings vehicle to their consumers. They have come to realize the benefits that grocery stores and other chains have seen with increased use of loyalty cards. After all, by having a customer agree to sign up for your loyalty card, there are often many benefits for both the retailer and the consumer alike.

Using Loyalty Cards as a customer can provide you with discounts and even free goods, if you use the card often. Here are some of the benefits that many people can get with most loyalty cards.

* Free Products
* % Off Savings
* $$ off savings
* Special Sale Events
* Discounts when others join
* Cash or additional points with special purchases
* Discounts on other products
* Buy 1 Get 1 free promos
* Gas discounts

…..And so much more

This is just a sampling of what you can get by using loyalty cards. I know one of the detractors to these cards is trying to keep track of them all. Your wallet is only so big and there is only so many of those tags that you can hang off of your key fob.

Here is an idea to help you manage your cards. Get a small coupon wallet or index card carrier and have a spot for each store you regularly shop. Place any of your coupons and your loyalty card in the pouch. That way when you go to the store to shop, everything is in one place.

Forget your cards anyway? Make sure when you sign up for the card that you always use the same phone number and email so you can quickly key in the number or address if needed at the store to find your account. Allow others in the family to know what they are too for when they go shopping. This is very helpful for stores like Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Using Loyalty Cards is an easy way to add additional saving to your purchases and these saving do add up over the course of a month and year. Share your tips below for using loyalty cards in your home budget. We would love to hear from you!